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Practical Advice for Immigration to Israel

Living in Israel is God's calling! Be wise.

1. When filling out the questionnaires about your faith or belief, you should know that the authorities in Israel consider "Christians" (such as Arabs, Druses, Russian, Ukrainian and other nations) to not be Jewish. You will not have troubles with the authorities, if you specify that you are a Jew, or a believer in the God of Israel, or simply Jewish (if, certainly, there are Jewish roots in your genealogy). The problem of "who is a true Jew " will be left to the heavens to solve.

2. If you have desire to testify of your faith, do not do it in the administrative establishments. Be patient and wise.

3. For further advice that may help you, refer to the site on Spiritual Advice .

4. Your new life in the Land will not be easy, but you have the Most High and His promises on your side.

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5. Know firmly that the State of Israel gives to you enough for life in the first year. Then, in case you won't get a job (and don't count on it immediately) - unemployment benefit will suffice on for a minimal livelihood. And, always there is an opportunity to earn additional money and then everything will be cool!

6. Having arrived in Israel, what to do first of all:

  • Search for and rent a cheap apartment,
  • In doing so, open an account in the nearest bank,
  • Go to Sochnut in your neighborhood with your bank account number and register with them to receive a grant (the help basket).
  • Register yourself for Ulpan (Sochnut gives you directions on this),
  • Order documents from Misrad-HaPnim (the Department of the Interior),
  • Be registered at Medical Insurance Stock - Makkabi , Klalit

7. Try to find the believers (they can offer friendship and give good advice). You can contact those who can provide you with spiritual and organization help at the following address:

Ohalei Rahamim, P.O.Box 1018 Kiryat Yam, 29109, Israel, E-mail

8. Do not buy expensive things. In your first and second years, it is possible to do buy second-hand things (refrigerator, washing machine, TV set, etc.). In your first year, you will receive a good discount on electric goods. Do not be in a hurry to purchase apartments. This happens frequently in Ulpans because of gossip and talking. Without a strong money base and stable salary, you will find many problems.

9.Do not conclude any contracts with the insurance companies. It will be problems for you!

10. After 2-3 months in Ulpan, search for some extra earnings for 3-4 hours per day, combining with study, it then will help further with your adjustments in the Land.

11. After Ulpan:

  • 17-24 years old: to study at university, college, if capable, or take courses, which the Sochnut pays for.
  • 25-35 (45) years old: to work, even if it is heavy, but getting a good salary. After 180 working days in a year, everyone has right to receive a grant 75 % of the salary. It is possible to use this grant to take good special courses.
  • 45-58 years. The difficult period, but you will survive by your previous skills and will be not lost in any case.
  • 58 years and higher - there is living allowance or pension.

If you still have some practical questions, you can additionally look for materials on repatriation on a site ...

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12. Do not develop too critical of an attitude towards the local lifestyle. Israel is a place where you will find an assembly of the east and west, north and south. Criticism irritates the spirit, but love brings fruit! Remember, that God has collected the people from the four corners of the world and creates here in the Land a miracle that He promised to accomplish. Remember - God promised to bless you and not hurt you. (Ezekiel 36:24-30; Jeremiah 31:8-10; Isaiah 49:22-23; Amos 9:14-15).

Shalom velehitraot!


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