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Some Spiritual Advice For Those Who Immigrate to Israel

Here is an unusual site by its contents. We want to help the people who are about to make Alija.

Alija is a word in Hebrew, which means " rise, ascension ". What does it represent now: resettlement, immigration, evacuation or flight? How are we to estimate this process and how to analyze it? Can Alija in Israel be compared to immigration to other countries? Not really. A man from non-Jewish origins will have a more difficult time adapting within the Land. The Bible and life practice tells us this.

As only heirs have the right to the inheritance and legacy, so it is in the present situation: the LAND of HERITAGE belongs to them whom it is nominated to, or who are significantly called by God (Isaiah 19:25). It is not meant to offend others, but confirms the fact that everyone should complete their purpose on the earth.

1. Destiny of the Jews... Reading Tanach (Genesis 12:1-2 Bereshit and Leviticus 26:3,11-12 Vayicra) one can see what is determined by the Most High to this people:

* To proclaim the name of God on the earth

* To live in Canaan, that is, in Israel

It doesn't mean immigration in this case, but submission to God's will. This is very difficult, but is correct to do and it is useful! God will bless your obedience and will help you as well.

2. The one who submits should not be focused on the difficultness of the way, but to be as the righteous Abraham who has gone to the Promised Land, looking to Him Whom he loved and in Whom he trusted. You are his children by flesh and in spirit.

3. You must know that you are the ones whom God wants to give his LATER RAIN onto (Joel 2:23) and it is the greatest privilege - to accept and to fulfill His purposes. It is necessary to understand the consequences of a later rain which are greater than that of an early rain. (Romans 11:12). If the first rain resulted in the Jews being alienated in part from God, but the world got blessed by salvation, in the later rain, the Jews will be completed by fullness and the body of Messiah learns GLORY (Eph. 5:27). For this reason God wants you here in the Land of heritage. (Ezekiel 36:24-30, Jeremiah 31:28-31).

4. We are not to let the storms of life sink us as it did to Shimon (Peter) (Matthew 14:28-31), but we are to look at Yeshua, who told us that he will abide with us up to the end of age. Financial difficulties, other mentalities and culture, or simply other rhythms of life can eclipse the purpose of life. We can find ourselves immersed in depression or vanity even those who know the truth, which can be forgotten: The PROMISE and the CALLING. Therefore be awake and overcome temptation by faith. (Hebrew 11:33-40).

5. Abraham ascended to Mt. Moria according to God's direction to offer his son. The great exchange: he received his son back alive, with blessings and a knowledge of Messiah. It is necessary for us to make the same decision to offer everything you have in this life. In exchange the God of Abraham will bless you spiritually and physically!

6. You are those to WHOM God will entrust the bearing of the mightiest and deepest revelation about Messiah (Isaiah 49:3-6). This blessing has evaded our people for so much time, having trampled the mission assigned to them by the Lord.

mount_he2.jpg (30044 bytes)

Mt. Hermon

7. And in the end, the worldwide body of Messiah (Jews and non-Jews) will be filled with plentiful grace. Everyone will aspire to execute the role intended of him and to serve with that talent, which the Most High has given. (Rom.12:4-8 and Eph. 2:10).


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